Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Me being a young enthu fun loving girl straight out of college and back from a mesmerisingly hot vacation from God's Own Country slowly started wondering what I would do next in life. Naah! Studying some more after 15+ years of Indian education is too mainstream. I would rather explore the strawberry fields or go scuba diving. This ofcouse is not practical enough right now. The next best thing to do is to hunt for a job and learn to be more independent. Umm...but then, with a job comes responsibility and seriousness. Thats something I never pondered over. Oh! Wait! What if I find a place where I can team up my passion of writing and being social in my work environment? Hope I could find something like that. And suddenly, when all the road seemed to end up nowhere, I came across appiness. I went through their website and instantly connected with the kind of work they did. This fun team of agressive and focused youngsters grabbed my attention and suddenly, my heart throbbed to be a part of them. Within minutes, I set out to their Bangalore office, not giving it a second thought. And you know what the best part is? The office! All colourful and decked up, just like the kinda person I recognize myself to be. I prayed hard that I would find a place there and get absorbed by their amazingness. So here I am, testing my destiny, trying hard to impress the people here with the kind of work I do and with a little bit of luck, I hope I'll make it!

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