Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School days are finally over......!

We are all admitted to school by our parents at the age of 3 or 4 and i must say at the age of 17 that school days were the when i finally realise that my schooling days are over do i feel the pain of parting....from everything close to my friends, my beloved teachers, the school atmosphere, the canteen, the Independence day celebrations, the Children's Day parties (which i will not get anywhere again in my life), the honor of the school Head Girl etc.....these are the things i'm surely going to miss in my life.....Life after the schooling years are completely Padma ma'am's like the "bheed mein khoya aadmi"....nobody really cares about u in this big wide bustling if u're a school going child, u're lucky....make the most out of it....

well.....i may miss a lot of thing i did in school throughout my life......the Lunch time gossips, my friend's tiffin, sitting on the benches when the teacher is not there, commenting upon the wrong pronunciation skills of the teacher (no offence), the one day long crushes, bunking and playing basketball or hiding in the canteen, texting to one another in the middle of a class,copying in the exams by literally pulling your friend's paper, hitting boys with a newspaper roll and running after them in the corridors......huff...!!
in short, I'LL MISS EVERYTHING...!!

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